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 The gods of ancient people            Of Egypt and of Rome:
Each nation had their tribal gods  Which they could call their own.

The Grecians had their Jupiter    The Canaanites had Baal
And sacrifice of beast and babe    Is not allowed to fail.

The pagan gods demanded all           Both little ones and grain
The god’s demands left all the poor  With never hope of gain

The tribal gods were greedy gods   And took what people had
They only cared if men were rich    But never good or bad

The tribal gods were vengeful gods       Oppressing poor and meek
Their help seemed only for the strong  But never for the week

For centuries men served the gods   Through bitter bondage sore
And no relief was ever felt                  But only bondage more

The God who ruled above them all    A different, kinder God
Who thought of more than sacrifice  Nor asked for human blood

A God Who looked for truth and right   A God Who mercy knew
Demanding of the powerful                      That they show mercy too

He did not take things from the poor   And give them to the strong
This God had sent the sun and rain      Through generations long

This God, unrecognized by man               The One they did not see
Who freely gave through passing years  Ungrateful though men be

But God did see in sinful man    That justice was not done
Unlike the gods of ancient Ur     Jehovah sent His Son

The blood of men He did not ask   Of beasts would not suffice
But God Himself took our guilt      Himself our Sacrifice

And now in every nation                   This message being spoken
With every where the ancient rule  Of demons being broken

For every place the gospel comes       Proclaiming Jesus’ reign
We see that Jesus Name and Might   Is breaking Satan’s chain

And still the ancient powers     Contesting every gain
Will not submit to Jesus’ rule   Or recognize His reign

But powers will be broken   Of evil and of night
And every evil vanquished  When Jesus comes in might


Written by biblestruth

March 18, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Posted in Salvation

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