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 There has been a lot of flack about a statement by Pat Robertson in the liberal press about Haiti where he was misquoted.  He simply gave the history which the world does not like. The true story was on Trans World Radio.

There were a lot of battles between the British and French with the French ending in control of the half of the island which is now Haiti.  The French brought in slaves from West Africa who in turn took along their Voodoo religion.  There were then three groups of people; the whites, the mixed and the former slaves.  The slaves or the blacks were the more numerous.  They wished to be  free from their white masters but lacked the power.

In 1791 the voodoo slaves made a league with the devil.  They offered to him control of the island if he would help free them from the French.  They had a ceremony, led by a voodoo priestess.  In this ceremony they sacrificed some animals and drank the blood.  In 1793 they became a free nation.  At this time it was the richest country in the western hemisphere.  Today it is the poorest in the world.

The agreement ended in 1991.  In 2003 the then president proclaimed Voodoo to be the national religion of Haiti.

In 2010 there was a massive earthquake tat destroyed the capital city.

On earthquakes:

From 1863 through 1900 there were 12 earthquakes of seven magnitudes or more.

From 1901 through 1938 there were 53

From 1939 through 1976 there were 71

From 1977 through 2009 (in less time by six years) there were 136 earthquakes.

All of them were of magnitude of seven or more.

What should then be our attitude?  The  prophets set a good example: they warned of coming judgment but wept

when it came. In Revelation 16:9 we read that “men repented not to give God glory”. Then as now we do not see

the hand of God in these judgments.


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March 21, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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