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 I happen to have a small book of poems written by CS Lewis.  This was written before he became a Christian and generally the poems are depressing.  This one, combined with some things I saw on the video: “Expelled” got me to thinking on a certain line.  Some of the words of the poem are:

            I lost my way in the pale starlight

            And saw our planet, far and small

            Through endless paths of nothing fall

            A lonely pinprick spark of light

            Upon the wide, enfolding night,

            With leagues on leagues of stars above it,

            And powdered dust of stars below-

            Let’s say that you could possibly have a map of the universe which was a thousand miles long and a thousand miles wide or even if you had one that covered the entire North America you would not be able to find the solar system on this map.  The entire solar system, large as it is, would be too small to be found on a map of this size.  Now, the sun, although a million times bigger than the earth would still be a very small part of the solar system.  The earth is, of course, very much smaller than the sun.  On this tiny planet walks a two legged creature, billions of times smaller than this speck of a planet.  It is hard to imagine that this little biped is so intelligent he knows for a fact that in these vast reaches of space there is no God.  In fact, this tiny insect believes he has the most intelligent mind there is or ever has been in this entire cosmos. 

            If a man was a clever scientist, it’s possible that he could make a robot so advanced that it could, in turn, make other robots.  After a few generations would not the robots question whether there was a man who made them?  The same could be true of this little man.  The problem is that this creator just might be God.


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April 5, 2011 at 12:26 am

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