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          I recall writing something on this before but that was a long time ago.  Besides I want to place this right after the one on THE GIFT OF GOD.  God would meet that couple where they were, at the point of reason.  To put it another way, God would come to where they were, not where they should be.  And so for us.

            To follow this point we see that the tabernacle area was divided into three parts, each lit with it’s own specific light.  The tabernacle itself was separated into the sanctuary or the holy place and then the Holiest of all.  Outside of this tabernacle was the court yard surrounded by a fence.

            First of all we enter the courtyard.  This was lit by sunlight by which everyone sees the things of this world.  If you read Ecclesiastes you will see that it often uses the term: “under the sun”.  This book is written from the view of natural man who cannot see above the sun or above the things of this world.  He has the gift of reason but receives the higher knowledge of revelation only from the Word of God.  Remember that the altar is in the courtyard, lit by sunlight.  This tells us where God comes to meet man, at the altar, a picture of the cross as we read in I Timothy 1:15; “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”.  We come to the cross to be saved from sin but then go on from there.  We are now inside.  Before the priest could enter the holy place, he had to go by the laver to wash his feet.  There was no floor in the courtyard and his feet needed washing.  This is an illustration of our daily reading of the Word of God.  For  more on this read John 13:1-10; 15:3, James 1:22-25 and Exodus 38:8.

            The first room or the holy place is a picture of our being taught by God.  There is the table, which seems to be a picture of the Bible because of the showbread and the candlestick.  Upon the table is the showbread speaking of the body of Christ.  The primary Person the Bible tells us of is Jesus Christ and the main point is His death on the cross.  Jesus Himself said in John 6:48: “I am that bread of life”.  This room is lit by the candlestick.  It is the Holy Spirit Who teaches  us the Word; I Corinthians 2:10, but primarily to teach us of Christ; John 16:13 and 14.  Notice that these three items are all man made.  This tells us that we learn from the Spirit through the Word but taught by others.

            The second room was called the Holiest.  Only the High Priest entered it and only once a year, on the day of atonement.  This was lit by God Himself or what is known as the Shekinah Glory.  When Jesus died the veil that separated this from the holy place was torn in two by God.  Now all those in Christ can enter.  In Hebrews 9:4 we see that, unlike the holy place there were three things in the ark which were all made by God.  They were miraculously made.  This tells us that God wants to bring His people to the place where they learn from him directly.  We must keep in mind that God only speaks to us through His Word.  Jesus said in John 6:63: “The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit, and they are life”.  Joshua, the Jesus of the Old Testament, was told: “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth” :Joshua 1:8.

            Not only do we never get beyond the Word; we also never leave the other things behind, such as being taught by others and human reasoning.


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April 11, 2011 at 4:36 pm

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