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I am here quoting a poem which I think I sent before but as I was hacked by someone, I changed the name to “biblestruth” and am starting over again.  Therefore the repetition. All of the “blogging” courtesy of uncle Steve.

By CS Lewis:

Nearly they stood who fall

Themselves, when they look back

See always in the track

One torturing spot where all

By a possible quick swerve

Of will yet unenslaved

By the infinitesimal twitching of a nerve

Might have been saved.

Nearly they fell who stand

These with cold after fear

Look back and note how near

They grazed the Siren’s land

Wondering to think that fate

By treads so spidery fine

The choice of ways so small, the event so great

Should thus entwine.

Therefore I sometimes fear

Lest oldest fears be true

Lest, when no bugle blew

My mort, when skies looked clear

I may have stepped one hair’s

Breadth past the hair-breath bourne

Which, being once crossed forever unawares

Forbids return.

In the last verse we read: “Lest, when no bugle blew  My mort, when skies looked clear”

The mort was the sound the bugle made when the game was caught and killed.  The word bourne is an old Scottish word that means border as between two countries.  Here the poet uses it to show times in our lives when we come across some tiny temptation or experience that can destroy us forever if we make the wrong choice.  The prime example in all of history would be the eating of the forbidden fruit by Adam.  What if he could have seen only as far as the flood with millions dying and whole cities washed away?  Would he not have done differently?

Perhaps the test known example is the story of David and Bathsheba in II Samuel 11.  Read further and we see the havoc it raised in David’s life.  Even during his lifetime three of his sons died.

The question that I then am faced with is: how can I keep from crossing that line?  What if I don’t even notice it when it comes?  We can see the answer in David’s life in the first verse of the chapter.  We read there that at the time that kings go to war David stayed at Jerusalem.  He should have been in the field with his men.  Instead he decided to stay in his nice warm bed and sent his men out.  If David had been concerned with doing the right thing he would not have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is another thing that can be done.  Read Job 31:1-12.  Job made a settled decision before temptations came and was fortified against it.

An example in the New Testament is in II Timothy 4:10 where Demas forsook Paul because of his love for the world.  He had a bent in that direction and fell quickly when a worldly temptation came along.  It is important for me to know my bent.

The person who has wholly given his life to Christ does have an advantage.  First of all I can never fall so far that I cannot rise again although there will be serious unpleasant results.  Then, too, I claim God’s promise that he will direct my paths and keep me from temptation.


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May 11, 2011 at 6:08 pm

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