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           I.  Biblical Background:

A    God divides the people of the world into families or language groups.

              Genesis 10:5, 20, 31, 32

              Genesis 11:6-9.   Read 1-9 for context

B    God calls Abraham for the purpose of reaching all the families named

               Genesis 12:1-3

C    It will be done through Abraham’s seed or descendant

              Genesis 22:18

 D    The seed or descendant is Christ

              Galatians 3:16

 E    If we are in Christ, then we are the descendants of Abraham.  It is through 

              the church, on this church, in this age that God will reach all the families

              of the earth.

                   Galatians 3:29

                   Matthew 28:18-20

                   Acts 1:18

                 2.    God’s Strategy

 A    Paul began his missionary career by going intoAsia.  The Holy Spirit did       

              not permit him to continue in Asia, but directed him to go toEurope; to


                   Acts 16:6-12

 B    Reasons for this directive

               1.   Asia was a vast continent; Europe was a much smaller area.

               2.  Asiawas an uncharted area with no roads and many natural barriers.

               3.  Asia had many warring tribes.  Europe was under the control of the     Roman Empirewhich enforced the law.

               4.  Asiahad many languages. Europehad a common language=Greek

               5.   For 1500 years after the time of Paul, almost every work begun inAsiaby the Christian Church was destroyed by political upheavals.  In Europe Christianity quickly spread over the continent and became firmly and permanently established.             

 C   The result:

               From the 15th century onward, the Europeans became involved in trade and commerce on a world wide scale.  Along with trade Christianity, firmly rooted inEurope spread to all parts of the world.  Until 1800 the missionary movement was by the Catholic church, although until around 800 AD even many of the catholic priests were leading people to a saving knowledge of Christ.  Right at 1800 there was a great Protestant movement which in one century made Protestantism a world wide church.

 D   The Protestant missionary movement:

              The missionary movement of the last 200 years is generally divided into three periods.  They are:

            1        The period of European dominance

            2        The period of American dominance

            3        The period ofThird Worlddominance

I have seen a little of the last but not to the point of dominance

Perhaps it must be said in the interests of political correctness

                      3   The Goal:

             God’s purpose is to gather a people from every family who will be gathered around His Throne.

                           Revelation 7:9

                           Revelation 21:22-26

                           Matthew 24:14                                                            

                NOTE: This lesson is number 12 of a 12 lesson series.  It is written in such a way that only the notes need to be read.  The references are merely as proof texts to indicate that the statements are Scriptural.


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