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            Revelation 1:1-7=Prophecies for the church age: verse one

                        Seven existing churches

                        Foretold by Jesus Christ to the apostle John: verses 4 and 5

                        Promise to the church: verse 7: Jude 14

            Revelation 1:8-20=Jesus Christ identified

                        The writer identified as John

                        The seven churches identified

                        Teachings for the present and the future: verse 19

            Revelation 2:1-7=Ephesus

                        Second generation Christianity: 95AD

                        Lost their first love

                        Doctrinally correct

            Revelation 2:8-11=Smyrna

                        A pure church; scattered persecution: 100AD

            Revelation 2:12-17=Pergamus

                        General persecution; a faithful church: 250AD

                        False doctrine and immoral lifestyle entering in

            Revelation 2:18-29=Thyatira

                        Beginning of the Roman Catholic Church: 400AD

                        Many good works; many goodly people

                        Increase in sinful acts: no repentance

                        Increase in false teaching: justified

            Revelation 3:1-6=Sardis

                        The Reformation: 1500AD

                        A dead church

                        “Will come as a thief”

“Even inSardis”

Revelation 3:7-13=Philadelphia

            Worldwide missionary movement: 1800AD

            Sound in life and doctrine

Revelation 3:14-22=Laodicea

            Wealthy but lukewarm: Today

            High opinion of self

            Jesus turns from the church to the individual

NOTE: All that is said of the Risen Lord in chapter one has a direct relationship to the message to each church.  The book of Revelation is to the church although much has to do withIsraeland the world: see1:4.


            Revelation 4:1-5=John called into heaven

                        “After this”: the church age

                        “Hereafter”: after the church age

                        The throne of God

                        The twenty-four elders

                        The seven lamps

            Revelation 4:6-11

                        The sea of glass: seeing past and future

                                    “eyes before and behind”

                        The four beasts

                                    Exodus 35:6=four colors

                                    Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah=four branches

                                    Four gospels

                        Worship of the One upon the throne

            Revelation 5:1-14

                        The Lamb opens the book

                                    Isaiah 61:1 and 2; Luke 4:17-20

                        The seven spirits of God: verse 6 and chapter 4:5

                                    Zechariah 4:10

                        The elders

                                    RepresentIsraeland the church

                        All worship the Lamb

                                    The beasts, the elders, the angels, all creatures

                        Note: no time element in these two chapters


            Revelation 6:1-11: Five seals opened

                        First seal=The anti-Christ conquers one-fourth of the earth: verse 8

                                    The Western world=Europe andAmerica

                        Second seal=Conquest results in war

                        Third seal=War results in famine

                                    Inflation in both necessities and luxuries

                        Fourth seal=Death from sword and famine

                                    Multitudes enter hell

                                    Restraint on beasts removed: Genesis 9:2

                        Fifth seal=Souls under the altar

                                    Conquest of the Western world: less than three months

                                    The number of the saints about to be completed

            Revelation 6:12-17: Sixth seal opened 

Beginning of the seven year period: Daniel 9:27

                                                Acts 2:19 and 20

                                    The rapture of the church: Luke 17:28-30


            Daniel 9:27 “in the midst of the week”

            Revelation 7:1-8=After these things

                        The church has been taken up

                                    The anti-christ has conquered a fourth of the earth

                                    144,000 Israelites sealed (12,000 from each tribe)

            Revelation 7:9-17=After this

                        The church in heaven: Isaiah 66:18

                                    Verses 11 and 12: praise to God and welcome to the church

                                    Verse 14: Matthew 24:9; Revelation 17:6

                                    For the redeemed church; everlasting joy

            Revelation 8:1-5=The seventh seal

                        The prayers of the saints

                                    Luke 18:6-8; Revelation 5:8

            Revelation 8:6-13=Four angels sound

                        The first angel sounds

                                    One third of trees burnt up

                                    All green grass burnt up

                        The second angel sounds

                                    The third part of the sea becomes blood

                        The third angel sounds

                                    A star falls from heaven

                                    One third of rivers and streams become bitter

                        The fourth angel sounds

                                    One third of sun, moon and stars darkened

                                    One third of day and night dark

                        Last verse

                                    Three trumpets foretell three coming woes

            Revelation 9:1-12=The first woe                                              

                        The fifth angel sounds

                                    The plague of locusts: supernatural creatures

                                    The sealed protected: verse 4; Revelation 7:3

                                    Abaddon their leader

            Revelation 9:12-21=The second woe

                        The sixth angel sounds and looses the four angels

                                    The horsemen; natural men??

                                                All inAsia? (centered around theEuphratesRiver)

                                                The horses; symbolic of armored vehicles??

                                    Verses 21 and 22: repented not

                                                Compare with 6:16: increasing rebellion

            Revelation 10:1-7=The great angel

                        The end of the age: I John 2:18

                                    Watch for the sound of the seventh angel

                                    (see verse 7 and Revelation 11:15)

Revelation 10:8-11=The little book

                        Sweet to my taste but creates antagonism when preached

            Revelation 11:1 and 2=Measuring the temple

                        Leave out the court

                                    The mosque still there at this time??

            Revelation 11:3-6=The two witnesses

                        Prophecy for three and one-half years: verses 3 and 7

                                    The olive trees: Zechariah 4:11

                                    Moses?: water into blood=Matthew 17:3

                                    Elijah: drought=I Kings 17:1; Malachi 4:5

            Revelation 11:7-14=Killed by the anti-christ: Revelation 17:8

                        Seen by all the world; the world rejoices

                        Ascend into heaven; the world mourns

            End of the first three and one-half years


                        Malachi 4:5; Matthew24:21

                        Second three and one-half years of seven year period

            Revelation 11:15-19=The seventh angel sounds

                        The heavenly hosts praise God

                                    God is bringing history to a close: Revelation 10:6; I John 2:18

                                    He will judge the wicked and the righteous

                        Verse 19: The great tribulation ushered in

            Revelation 12:1-5=The woman brings forth a child

                        The child protected by God

                        The woman isIsrael: Genesis 37:9

                        Verse 2: Romans 9:5

                        The Rod Of Christ: Psalm 72:4; Revelation 2:27

            Revelation 12:6-11=The woman flees into the wilderness

                        “prepared of God”: Psalm 60:9

                        Divinely protected and fed

            Revelation 12:12-17=Victory in heaven but woe on earth

                        The third woe: verse 12

            Revelation 13:1-10=The anti-christ

                        TheMediterranean Sea: Daniel 7:2

                        The Beast: Verse 1 and 4; Revelation 12:3; 17:3

                        Verse 2: Daniel 7:4-6

                        Verse 7: Daniel 7:21

                        Patience and faith of the saints: II Thessalonians1:6-10

            Revelation 13:11-18-the beast out of the earth

                        The earth; picture of anti-God religion

                                    Genesis 4:3-5; Hebrews 9:22; Hebrews 11:4; John 3:31

                        Acts like Christ but speaks the words of Satan

                        Performs miracles: Matthew 24:24

                        The number 666 (7 is the number of perfection)

                                    Tries again and again to be like God but fails

                                                Isaiah 14:14

            Revelation 14:1-5=The 144,000 now in heaven

                         “Redeemed from the earth”

                        “Redeemed from among men”

            Revelation 14:6-12=Three angels

                        The first preaches the everlasting gospel

                                    Warning of judgment

                        The second foretells the fall ofBabylon

                        The third tells of the punishment of those who worship the beast

                        Verse 12: The patience of the saints

REVELATION  14:13-18:14    THE LAST 75 DAYS

            Daniel 12:11 and 12

            Matthew 24:22

            Revelation 14:13-16=The harvest of the earth

                        Mark 4:26-29

            Revelation 14:17-20=The winepress

                        Isaiah 63:3 and 4

            Revelation 15:1-4=Tribulation saints; victorious over the beast

                        Verse 1: “filled up” or about to be finished

                        Verse 2: “mingled with fire”: Revelation 4:6

                                    Judgment has fallen

                        The song of Moses and the Lamb

                                    Both Testaments; the same message of salvation from sin

            Revelation 15:5-8=The seven last plagues

            Revelation 16:1-11=The first five angels pour out their vials

                        The first vial poured out

                                    Terrible sores on those who have the mark

                        The second vial poured out

                                    The sea turns to blood

                        The third vial poured out

                                    The rivers and fountains turn to blood

                        The fourth vial poured out

                                    Men scorched by the sun

                        The fifth vial poured out

                                    Darkness over the kingdom of the beast

                        Compare verses 9 and 11 with Revelation 6:15-17

                                    Ever increasing rebellion

                        The sixth vial poured out

                                    Preparation for Armageddon:

                                               Euphratesdried up

                                                Way of the kings of the east opened up

                                                The demons gather the armies of earth

                        The seventh vial poured out

                                    Judgments intensify; nearing the end: “It us done”

                                                Greatest earthquake ever and greatest hail ever

            Revelation17=The fall of the church of Rome (MYSTERY BABYLON)

            1-3=The Roman Catholic church ruled over the kings

                        “upon many waters”

                        “seated on the beast”

            4-6=Wealth, corruption, murder

            9-7=The mystery of the beast and the woman

                        The beast

                                    Was: TheRoman Empire

                                    Is not: The empire fell

                                    Yet is: The church of Rome

                        The woman:Romebuilt on seven hills

            10-11=Seven kings which oppressedIsrael

                        The eighth; anti-God philosophy

                                    Always latent

                        12-18=The kings destroy the church

            Revelation 18= The fall of the world system; economic and political

                        1-3=”After these things”; verse 1

                                    After the fall off the church of Rome

                                    The anti-God wealth of the merchants

                        4-7=God’s people to separate themselves

                                    I John 2:15-17

                                    God will destroy the world system

                                    The world expects no end to it’s system

                        8-11=Kings and merchants work together

                                    And will mourn together

                        12-16=”and souls of men”

                                    Wealth of all things without limit or compassion

                        17-20=All destroyed in a short time

                                    “One hour”: verses 10, 14, 17 and 20

                        21-23=Destroyed permanently

                                    “no more at all” verses 21, 22, 22, 23 and 23

                        24=All violent deaths done by the anti-God world

                                    Compare with Revelation 17:6

                                                Charged with the death of many of the saints


            Verses 1-6=The worship of all those in heaven

                        Verses 2 and3: Revelation 17; MYSTERY BABYLON

            Verses 7-9=Marriage of the Lamb

            Verses 10-16=King of kings and Lord of lords

                        On a white horse followed by the armies of heaven: Jude 14 and 15

                        Vesture dipped in blood: Isaiah 63:1-4

            Verses 17-21=The coming of Christ to earth

                        Zechariah 14: The scene from earth’s perspective

                        Anti-christ’s army destroyed

                        The beast and the false prophet cast into the lake of fire


            Verses 1-6=Satan is bound: Isaiah 25:7; Isaiah 11:6-12

                        The first resurrection

                        The rest raised after the thousand years

            Verses 7-10=Earth’s final battle

            Verses 11-15=The Great White Throne judgment

                        Judged by that written in the books: Luke 12:2


            Revelation 21:1-5=New Heavens and New Earth

                        The holy city comes down

                        God dwells with men

                        No more death or sorrow

                        All “true and faithful”

            Revelation 21:6-8=The over comers enter in

                        Hebrews 11:9, 10, 16

                        “Over comer” found seven times in Revelation 2 and 3

                        Unbelievers condemned to the lake of fire

            Revelation 21:9-21= The holy city

                        A beautiful city

                        Verse 12:Israelopened the door for the church

                        Verse 14: The foundation: Acts 2:43; Ephesians 2:19-22

                        An immense city: 4-square; I Kings 6:20

            Revelation 21:22-27=The Light of that world

                        Psalm 36:9; John 8:12

                        Land of endless day

                        Capital of the universe

            Revelation 22:1-8=The Throne of God with men

                        The river and the tree

                                    A boulevard??

                                    The tree of life; transplanted fromEden

                                                Food for life and energy

                                    “Sent His angel”: Revelation 1:1

                                                The same angel throughout

                                    Verse 6: Revelation 1:4 and 11

            Revelation 22:8-15=Make up your mind quickly

                        Verse 10: time will soon end: Daniel 12:9

                        Reward to those who do His commandments

            Revelation 22:16-21=I Am coming

                        The Spirit invites

                        The bride (the church) invites

                        Do you feel a need? Then come

                        Do you feel no need? Come anyway

                        Do not add or detract one word from this book


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