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            Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have God move visibly into your life?  He would be there when you did your housework, when you were busy on the computer and be eating with you at the dinner table.  After dinner He would join you in the living room.  And when you went to work He would go along; when you went shopping, bought a car or anything else you did.

            As you think about this, does it not seem as if it would be a little much?  As we would say; “Too much of a good thing”.  Would it be a life with no chance to relax?  Sort of living under constant tension.  Would there be somewhat of a sigh of relief when He finally left?  And we would pray that blessing on another family.

            We need to see this was how the twelve apostles lived for three years.  And to a lesser extent the women who followed Him.  How did they find this to be?  Was there a sigh of relief when this was over?  We must remember that they were not spiritual supermen.  Peter was loud and impetuous; one was a zealot who wanted to overthrowRome; James and John asked for permission to call down fire from heaven and burn up an entire village; Matthew was a tax collector and one was a thief.

            We find the answer in the four gospels.  In John 21:4 we read: “So they ran both together; and the other disciple did out run Peter, and came first to the sepulcher”.  In this verse we see how quickly they ran to see if the body had been disturbed.  In John 20:11we are told: “Mary stood at the sepulcher weeping”.  Jesus, coming up to the two on the road to Emmaus asked why they were looking so sad.  It does not seem that they found it restricting to live with God.  How could it be that they so badly wanted Him back?  How could they enjoy living with someone who was perfect?

            Again, we find the answer in the gospels.  Remember that at His arrest and trial one betrayed Him and “all forsook Him and fled”.  It would be assumed that He would first of all bring this to their attention, and expect some very sincere apologies.  I’m sure that’s the least I would have looked for.  But what is Jesus’ attitude?  He never mentions it.  After the resurrection Jesus tells Mary to go to: “My brethren, and say unto them, I go to My Father”.  When He does meet them, His first Words were: “Peace be unto you”.  He was the perfect man with no self pity and no accusation.  He truly enjoyed their company.  We read something of this in Proverbs 8:31: “My delights are with the sons of men”.

            No wonder they missed Him.  They had lived with God and found it a most pleasant experience.


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May 30, 2011 at 1:59 pm

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