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.Like many other conservatives I truly appreciate the tea party; the things they stand for and the things they are doing.  I truly hope they will tone down big government.  The important thing is that the liberals get out of the way or better yet go home.  One of the greatest historians of the last decades was Paul Johnson.  One interesting point he made was the importance of keeping the intellectuals from the reigns of power.  Sadly we have not always taken that advice.  Intellectualism and wisdom are two different things.  Intellectualism goes back to the Greeks as we read in Acts 17:21: “For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent there time in nothing else, but either to tell, or hear some new things.  For true wisdom read the book of Proverbs.  These two things demonstrate the difference between the intellectualism  of the Greeks and the practical wisdom of proverb, written by God.   The Grecians thought all wisdom rested in the mind of man.   

For any organization to succeed it needs a leadership which truly reflects the will of the majority of it’s members.  This seems to be lacking.  This is especially true if there is no strong leadership to guide and discipline the adherents.

The average citizen, though he truly wants a smaller government will forget all about it the moment the economy turns around and then the problems which were caused by the liberals will be worse next time.  There are deeper problems than the failed economy which are not resolved but have become accepted as part of a modern society.  Only a strong, determined and fearless leadership will be willing to face these issues.  They are:

1-Niether congress nor the states make the laws today.  Any law the liberal judge doesn’t like (as inArizona) he either annuls or he takes the teeth out of it.  We can vote all the congressmen in we wish, it doesn’t make that much difference.  The liberal judges rule the land and take out anything they don’t like.

2-As long as we can’t profile we’ll never solve our problems.  Just recently I saw a photo of a Moslem woman with a head dress patting down an elderly nun at an airport.  I doubt that you ever heard of a sweet old lady carrying a hidden bomb.  Twenty years ago, in saner days, I was inLondonairport.  They were passing the wand over everybody.  A man of about sixty came up.  The official put his hand on the man’s shoulder, put him through and tested the young man behind him.  If the Moslems are as peaceful as the liberals claim they would stop harboring the terrorists and solve this entire problem in one day.  That same day we could take all the expensive electronic stuff out of our air ports.  How long would terrorism by a Catholic or Lutheran last? 

3-As long as we use the term “African American” we will have discrimination.

4-As long as we use other languages in government or business we will be a divided nation.  There are many countries that have several nationalities.   Each different group speaks their own language in the home, among their friends and  relatives  and in church, but the official language is the national language.  My ancestors came from such a country.

Everything we do turns out badly.  We push democracy in the middle east and they vote in Hamas.  We go intoIraqand now Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants are being systematically wiped out.  We plan to turnAfghanistaninto a western style country and if a Moslem leaves the faith he is beheaded, especially if he becomes a Christian, unless they can get out in time.

There is a deeper problem .  There is a God in heaven who rules over the earth.  He has given some very clear commands and told us very clearly what the consequences would be if we disobey.  We as a nation have disobeyed them and are now footing the bill.

Perhaps the most blatant and the worst is what might be called the alternate life style.  In the Bible, in Romans 1:18- 32 God shows His anger at this particular perversion.  It begins with man refusing to recognize God in creation and ends with his approval of that which God hates.  That is when God gives one over to a mind of confusion.  I speak of the approval by our nation. America, along withWestern Europe, states that the alternate life style and union is of equal worth with traditional marriage as set up by God.  Although other groups have had many individuals fall into this sin, no other has ever seen it as normal.  In all of history people have always known that marriage between men and women was normal and anything else was not.  All who practiced this came under God’s severe punishment.  How much more those who give it the stamp of approval.  The average person who dabbles in this unnatural life style (in every country in the western world) lives an average of forty-six years or thirty years less than the norm.  This is a universal law with no exceptions. What does this mean?  The liberal, who teaches the pupils in school that this is normal and good are killing them and should be treated accordingly.  This is only one side of the problem.  There are many downsides, such as nervous and physical problems.  For full documentation on this see the book “Marriage On Trial” by Inter Varsity Press.

Then there is the problem of violence.  There are suicide bombings by the Muslims, mass murders in the schools, millions of innocents put to death by the abortionists, etc.  People ask why God doesn’t stop the killings.  We take the ten commandments out of the schools, which is simply God’s law for us to live by and then blame God because the school children kill each other.  Remember,Sodomwas destroyed by God for it’s sins of immorality while the flood came because of violence.  The tea party feels that all our problems are financial.  All we need is to fix the economy.  I do believe the economy needs fixing but that will not solve our problems in the long run.  After all, it is still the law of the land that the lie of evolution must be taught in our schools.  We are still back to square one, that of confusion: “The fool hath said in his heart, ‘There is no God”: Psalm 14.  Only repentance and living by the standards of God’s Word will solve our national problems. SodomandNineveh, too could have had the finest politicians that money could buy, but only repentance would do.

It might be profitable to go back to help see where we are and why we are there.  Let’s go all the way back to the flood of Noah to begin with.  The flood came, because man had violated his God given conscience (Romans 2;15), primarily through violence and his unwillingness to control his evil desires. Conscience failed.  Not all lived even by the conscience that God had placed in their heart, and He gave the law to Noah as he emerged from the ark.  Now, although each one still had a conscience, each people’s group also made their laws.  But something else came up which was lurking in the hearts of people.  There was the old sin of Adam, thinking he knew  more than God and wanting himself to be his own God.                                      



Bankruptcy Of Philosophy  

Beginning with Solomon, (and some of the older philosophers), they were trying to find the answer to the riddle of life.  T he problem with the Greek philosophers was the lack of experimentation.  They really felt that only lower classes worked and got their hands dirty.  This was beneath them. They worked with their minds.  The problem was plainly seen in Aristotle’s theory that if you had two objects the same size, the heaver one would fall faster.  Galileo dropped two objects of the same size but different weights and, ignoring the Popes ruling on the matter, they fell at the same speed.  Galileo dropped them from theTowerofPisa.  (it must have been leaning then already).  The Pope forced Galileo to recant under some horrible threats.  The real problem with this was that Aristotle had also come up with the theory that one substance could be changed into something entirely different, but it would still have all the characteristics of the original.  On this theory hung the doctrine of the mass, changed from the body of Christ, but although proven wrong; the church was stuck with it  By the way, the pope has since changed his mind and now permits the two objects to fall at the same speed.  

I think there is a certain amount of confusion about the Renaissance.  Most know about the Reformation in the early  1500s and about Martin Luther’s part in it. The purpose of the  Reformation was to take the Bible from the clergy and give it to the people for them to read for  themselves. For more on the Reformation see the article on “Biblical Influence”.  The renaissance  was mostly in southern Europe, especially inItaly.  Where the purpose of the Reformation was the centrality and final Authority of God and His Word, in the case of the Renaissance man became his own authority.  There was a great increase in learning, learning institutions, medicine, building, painting, and other things.  This was primarily man centered and not God centered as was largely true of many of the men who preceded, brought about and followed the Reformation in northernEurope.  The renaissance affected northern as well as the southernEurope, but the leaders as well as the common people had at least a sense that  the Bible was true and to be followed.  The thinking of the men of the renaissance had an adverse effect also on the Catholic Church and influenced it greatly from within.  The result was that the church leaders adopted the same philosophy of man’s superiority and the church developed it’s own philosophy and set itself above the bible. The church hierarchy now could change the meaning of the Bible not only but the Bible itself..

Throughout all his time the philosophers kept trying to find the answers to the meaning of life, but with an increasing awareness that they could not find the answer. 

About three hundred years ago a new type of philosopher came along. They  decided that the older philosophers indeed had it all wrong.    There really was no meaning to life apart from the wisdom of man.  From their point of view, the older philosophers had it wrong,  not so much because they thought there was an answer, but they were looking in the wrong place, to something or Someone above man.  These men really went a step beyond.  Where before man felt that he was wiser than God, this new generation saw no need for God, even if He did exist, and that was becoming more doubtful in their minds.  They were convinced that man would create His own purpose in life.  It was somewhat from this movement that the universities sprang up which were basically man centered.  The church was also man centered but it at least recognized God and claimed that the Bible was the Word of God.  A new group of philosophers came on the scene who rejected all that had to do with authority, whether church or state, or as Alan bloom said in his book “Closing Of The American Mind”: “Throne and altar”.  From  now on it was entirely up to man to make his own rules and to make a purpose for life.

The Age Of Reason 

Another way to put it might be to say that, at least from their point of view, this was now the age of reason or as some of them would say, the age of enlightenment, especially among the teachers and students in the universities .  The problem was that it was entirely reason without Revelation and therefore doomed to fail.  At any rate this could be said to have begun about three hundred years ago with the French  philosophers. These were the self appointed intellectuals.  They considered  themselves above the common people and not subject to rules.  Rousseau, one of the first, born in 1712, placed all his five children in  orphanages where all of them died within two years.  He was simply too important to be bothered with raising children.  Rousseau  was not just typical of the intellectuals.  He was a perfect clone.  Today we call them liberal democrats.  There is, of course, this small difference, that in the past they sent their children into the orphanages to die, now they want to kill yours.


Many people would consider our beginning to be when the godly pilgrims came.  Others would say that the real beginning was 1772.  Either way the majority of the people believed there was a God and the Bible was His Word and generally believed it .  In the early 1700s America, slipping away from God, was saved from moral collapse by men such as Jonathan Edwards and the Wesleys.  The Wesleys came from England.  Here it would be good to point out that by 1700 both England andFrance had equally fallen into moral decay.  As C S Lewis pointed out, inEngland the rich had learned to take care of the poor, the poor forgave the rich.  Why did they have a revolution and bloodbath inFrance and not inEngland? France had Rousseau, Voltaire and the other intellectuals whileEngland had the Wesleys and other evangelists. France had the devil and his cohorts. England had Christ.  But the Wesleys and other evangelists died and so didEngland.   I was born in 1928.  That makes me 50 years old now. If you believe that, either you’re not very good at math or you haven’t seen my latest picture.



I was in the army at the time of the  Korean War.  It was during that time that Elvis Presley was becoming a popular figure and the first that I (or any of the others, for that matter)  ever heard anything on rock music . Most of the music  we heard in the barracks was someone playing classical music on his recorder.  Thos was I 1951, by the way.  I know that many in the church listen to rock music, even in the church service.  This would be something the Christian should take careful note of.  Where did it come from and what are it’s fruits.  Jesus said in His sermon on the mount that we will know them by their fruits.     First, rock music came from the world which  is an enemy of God.  Looking at it’s fruit, let me quote from Schaeffer’s book, How Should We Then Live; page 170;” As a whole, this music was the vehicle to carry the drug culture and the mentality that went with it across frontiers which were almost impassible with other means of communication”. I had always felt this way about it but it carries more weight when a well known writer says the same thing.  Therefore we see two things against it.  The first is that it came from the world .(John 2;15-17;  Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life , is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but the will of God abideth forever) The second is it’s fruit.  There are many negative things which we inherited, but rock was the beginning.  Rock music softens the brain and the 0ther evils followed.  It was all the fruit of rock.  One of it’s earliest fruits wasWoodstockbut after that rock music and the drug culture were both in full swing.  At any rate, I would feel that the real beginning of our national decay began in the fifties. The real beginning was not the drug culture but rock music which quickly brought in the drugs but at the same time was responsible for every evil that has come to our nation. All our problems go back to this.  Were it not for the weakening of the brain through rock none of the other, including drugs, would have met with a great deal more resistance.  The question we should ask here is the one on addiction.   Anything outside of the normal tends to be addictive, like too much junk foods Good, wholesome food generally is not.  The young person hears rock music on Saturday night, then on Sunday morning  he might hear some hymns and then some rock songs in church. On Monday what does he listen to?; not the hymns.  

At any rate, in the sixties we allowed prayer to be put out of the schools and in the nextdecade or two any thing to do with Christ or Christianity.  Even Christmas is becoming the “ Holiday Season” lest it offend someone.  At this same time we are told that the ‘alternate life style is not just equal but to be preferred.   They are focal about it and proud of themselves.  And in this day of political correction not even the preachers dare tell the truth.  Now stop for a minute and think about it.  They are nothing but vile swine and we have come to the point where they have special privileges.

We think of ourselves as an enlightened people and bring in an idol who has more honor than God.  Recently, I heard a woman on television say that there was no difference between Islamic and Christian terrorism.  Of course, all she had to do was step outside and curse Allah and she would have seen the difference.  Maybe she could live with Salmon Rushdie.  She would have to find him first.  That’s another point; if the Moslems are as peace loving as the liberals say, why don’t they issue a fatwa stating that from now no terrorist will go toParadise, unless accompanied by a sheik.  Why don’t the old men go?  They are about ready for a younger body themselves.  Or do they know better?    



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