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The three sons of Noah; Shem, Ham and Japheth were the fathers of all the people on the earth.  Generally, as time went on, the chidren of Shem settled in Asia, the children of Ham in Africa and of Japheth inEurope.   Soon after the flood Noah made some prophecies  concerning the three, telling them what would happen to each of their descendands in the future.  These prophecies seemed particularly to concern Japheth. In Genesis 8:27 we read where Noah says: ”God shall enlarge Japheth”. This prophecy began to be fulfilled over two thousand years later but just as Noah said would happen.

The first great nations and-or empires were not the descendants of Japheth. Babylon,NinevehandEgyptwere Hamitic andPersiawas Semite or descendants of Shem.  The Canaanites were also descendants of Ham but they seem to have disappeared from history.  The children of Japheth were still in small villages in Europe, unlettered and superstitious. 

One of the greatest empires of all, at least as far as land area is concerned wasPersia  Daniel gives more detailed information onPersia.  In  Daniel I1:2 he tells us: ”Behold, there shall stand yet three kings inPersia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm ofGreece.  This is found in the book of Esther, the first chapter.  This was the king Ahasuerus who made a feast that lasted one hundred eighty days.  Ahasuerus invited the leaders of the one hundred twenty seven provinces under his control which covered an area fromEgypttoIndia.  The purpose of the visit was to get the backing and approval of all in his campaign againstGreece.  In the chapter before, Daniel is told by an angel that a prince ofGreecewill come. Also in Daniel 8: 21 Daniel states very plainly that the rough goat who destroys the ram (symbolizingPersia) is none other than the king ofGreeceor Alexander.  At the time this was highly unlikely. Greecewas split up into several city-states which altogether could not field an army that would be more than a fraction of the Persian army.

 Daniel is very clear thatGreecewill conquerPersiaand the ancient prophecy of Noah will then be fulfilled.  The center of power will be shifted over to the descendants of Japheth.  History bears out that all this happened as prophesied.

 In Daniel 7:6 we find that Alexander is likened to a leopard with four wings and four heads.  I’ve always wondered why a leopard until someone inKenyatold me that if I ever wounded a leopard to get out of the area or he would hunt me down and kill me.  Alexander’s father, Philip, was the king of Macedon, a province belonging toGreece.  Philip was assassinated and Alexander believed the Greeks had done so, hoping they could make a better deal with the twenty year old son.  Alexander invadedGreeceand destroyed the first city he came to, selling the people into slavery.  The rest ofGreeceaccepted him as king.  The four wings suggested speed. Persia, although made of many provinces was one empire with one army.  Alexander defeated the Persian army in four or five major battles and ruled the world. Therefore the four wings suggesting speed.  He really wanted to takeIndiaalso but his army, weary and farther from home than they had ever been, refused to go further.

 Daniel 7:6 tells us that he is also portrayed as having four heads. This is  explained in Daniel 8:8 and even more specifically in 11:4:”And when He shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those”.  This  happened exactly as Daniel said for his kingdom was not divided among his sons but among four of his generals although all four together did not have the territory that Alexander had

During the earlier part of his campaign Alexander conqueredTyre, a city inLebanon. While warring againstTyre, he sent to the priests atJerusalemdemanding that  the nation’s taxes be sen to  him.  They refused as they had sworn to the king ofPersiathat their taxes would go to him. Alexander vowed to punish the priests and marched onJerusalem.  The priests were very much afraid but the High Priest received a message directly from God telling him to have no fear but to meet Alexander while wearing his high priestly robes. When they met, instead of punishing the high priest Alexander greeted him and apparently honored him. His men wondered if he had lost his mind.  A few of those closest to him asked Alexander the reason for his strange behavior.  He explained that this man, wearing these same clothes appeared to him in a dream telling Alexander that he would conquerPersia.  Thereupon the priests read to Alexander from the prophecy of Daniel and told him that he was the man of whom Daniel spoke.


The second part of Noah’s prophecy dealing with Japheth is also found in Genesis 9:27: “and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem”. This is further explained in Acts 16:6-9.  Paul determined to go intoAsiato the Shemites.  After all, he was one but the Spirit  did not permit him to go east as he planned.  That night Paul had a vision in which he saw a man fromMacedoniawho asked Paul to come toMacedonia(a city inGreece) and help them.  Paul, feeling that this vision was from God, immediately made preparations to go there. Here the second part of the prophecy of Noah was being fulfilled.  Until this time the Word of God had been in the hands of the Shemites, particularly the Jews.  Now the sons of Japheth were invited in.  It is evident today why this was good from a historical view:

A-   Asiahad many warring tribes

Europe was controlled byRome

            B-Asia was a vast continent with mountains and deserts

Europehad 250,000 miles of roads

C-Asia had many languages

Europehad one trade language=Greek

            D-Asia remained hermetically sealed

                 Europeconquered the world= often came with the gospel         



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