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The Individual

In the second book of Kings, Elisha the prophet had just come on the scene.  Elijah had gone up into heaven in a whirl wind and Elisha had asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  To find out if his request was granted, Elisha took up the mantle that Elijah had dropped and, with it struck theJordanand the waters parted.  His request had been granted.  In II Kings 6:5-7 we see an example of iron floating, contrary to natural law until Elisha throws the stick into the water, then the iron swims.  The natural tendency of iron is to sink.   Gravity pulls all in that direction, from the plane that runs out of fuel to the apple that falls from the tree.  Our leaders can make all the laws they want to but the law of gravity remains . One thing that will be typical of the antichrist is that he will want to change times and laws: Daniel 7:25, of which we see the fore shadow in II Timothy 4:3, where Paul  writes foretelling the events which will  take place at the end of this age: “Forbidden to marry”.  There are countries today, such asSweden, where marriage is no longer a civil matter.  Here in our country we are trying to make laws that run contrary to the laws of nature.  As a matter of fact, evolution is the only science that is upheld by law.  Otherwise, it will fold and everyone knows that but pretends that only a few brainless Christians think otherwise.  Romans 1:28 tells us that man can become so vile in his thinking that God simply gives up on him and his mind becomes so twisted that he will do the most ungodly things and it will trouble him no more.  II Thessalonians2:11 states plainly that God finally stops trying to convince the individual and gives him up to believe the lie which he himself knows to be false.

The Body

In II Kings 2:19-22 we read the story of the healing of the waters.  Fifty men had just returned after looking for Elijah for three days, finally convinced that he had indeed been taken up bodily to heaven as Elisha had told them.  In Hebrews 11:6 we read much the same about Enoch.  He, too, was not found because God had translated him. Both men lived in a godless society but were both godly men.  Elijah has left and Elisha having received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit returns toJericho.  Elisha is informed by the men of the city that, as he can see, it is really a beautiful spot and the view is nice they have a problem in that the water is so bad they can hardly drink it.  Not only that but the ground does not produce very well and most of the food would have to be brought in from the outside. Elisha throws the salt into the water and the water is healed.  Another time when the bitter water was healed is found in Exodus15:23-25. This time the LORD showed him a tree which he threw into the water and the water was again healed and made drinkable.  The tree and the salt speak primarily of the body or the church.  The water speaks of the restless nations (Isaiah 17:12 and 13a: Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!  The nations shall rush like the rushing of mighty waters:)  Here it might be well to write of the Holy Spirit constant; which means simply that a picture as the one of the waters and the nations is invariable throughout Scripture.  Anything to do with waters (plural) always speaks of the restless nations.

While the salt and the tree would refer to the church as a body, the iron would refer to the individual and the stick a picture of the cross. , Tthe salt could also speak of the individual.  Jesus was speaking to individuals when He called them the salt of the earth.  If the individual lives a truly godly life, he will be an influence for good.  He may not even see that he is making any difference at all.  All that is required of us is that we live lives based on Biblical principles and God will take care of the results.

Wherever the gospel of salvation through faith in the blood of the cross has come; hospitals, clinics; schools and churches have sprung up.  By the year 400 AD the Bible had been translated into many languages.  Then the Catholic Church squelched this work (and the true teaching of the cross) and insisted that the Bible must be only in Latin.  Earle Cairns, in his book: “Christianity Through The Centuries” in pages 395 and on tells of the improvements for the poor in Englandwhich greatly influenced Americain the 18th century.  Latourette, one of the greatest historians of the 19th century called the years 1792 (when William Carey went toIndia) to 1914: “The Great Century”.  During that time Protestantism became a world wide religion with the message of the cross and changed things for the better around the world. GOD SHOWED THEM THE TREE.

The Leaders

We find another of Elisha’s miracles in II Kings 4:38-41  .On this occasion Elishas servant sets up a pot and makes pottage for the people gathered there. One of the men goes out to gather herbs to add to the pottage, and instead of healthy herbs, by mistake throws in poison.  As soon as the men taste it they realize the problem and call out to Elisha and tell him that they have swallowed poison which will kill them. Notice that Elisha does not throw the food away or try to pick out the poisonous herbs.  He leaves all of the bad herbs in the pot, throws in good wheat flour and assures them that it will be alright to eat it and no one comes to any harm. Suppose someone comes into your church and brings in false doctrine or suppose a new Christian brings in something which is unbiblical.  Let’s assume that, as the bad herbs were gathered due to a lack of knowledge  the same is true in the local church. The elders do not need to correct the individual.  If the leaders know the Bible well and preach sound doctrine, this problem will be taken care of in time. If false doctrine is brought in purposely to deceive, that is a different matter.  Finally, it must be noted that all are leaders over those who know less than we do.  There is the father and mother in the home, the teacher of little children.  All have a responsibility to know the truth and guard them against false teaching.






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