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Two men are sitting in the local restaurant having some wine.  Outside they see the animals walking into the ark, two by two.  Noah has warned the people for one hundred twenty years that a world wide flood was coming.  At first he had an audience but as time went on and nothing happened the people began to lose interest.  But now the ark is finished and for the last weeks the people do see a strange thing .  Animals are coming into the ark.  This by itself is not so unlikely. After all, there are nests of various sizes in the boat and there is enough food and it’s to be expected that some animals and birds would come in for that reason.  The strange thing is that the animals and birds, from the dinosaur to the humming bird are coming in by twos. There are, of course, the wise men who can explain every thing away, who know all about the habits of animals and birds and claim that Noah must have a way with the animals that the rest of us are not aware of, at least not just yet.

             They watch the strange procession and notice that for the last few days especially the number of animals seem to be increasing.  One of the men says: “Pete, do you think a flood is really coming”?  He points out that Noah has been saying that  God will destroy all the people from the earth because of the increase of wickedness.  But Pete thinks that some of the prophets have been saying this for a long time now and nothing has happened yet.  There are always a few fear mongers who always look on the dark side of every thing.   Finally he asks his drinking friend what he thinks.  His friend is not only sure it’s coming but lets him know that he is getting on the boat.  He is told that he will lose his promotion and perhaps his job if nothing happens. His friends will turn against him and he may even lose his wife.  Not only will he be laughed at but he may be beaten on his way to the boat but in spite of all that might happen his mind is made up and he goes to the boat, hoping Noah will accept him.  Even though he has been a bad character in the past, no questions are asked and he is invited to come on board.

            The ark has saved him from the waters of the flood.  All he had to do was to enter the door.   He sees the door (no doubt up until now the ramp and weighing tons) closed by an unseen hand .  He can also hear the pounding of the people on the outside begging to come in.  They changed their mind, some seconds too late.  They can no longer get in, but neither can he get out.  God has locked him in and there he stays until the journeys end into a brand new world.

            The flood of Noah’s day happened over 4,000 years ago.  There is a definite application made in the New Testament in II Peter Three.  Again we see the principle or application is in the New Testament while the picture of a historical event is in the Old Testament.  Let’s take a few points that the Apostle Peter makes here in this chapter. In verses 4 and 5 he points out that, as in the days of Noah the majority would simply refuse to believe it.  In fact, one of the things that would happen is that near the end of this age people would no longer believe that the flood had ever happened.  This is true today, thanks in large part to the theory of evolution which denies the story of creation as recorded in Genesis.  In verses 6 and 7 the application is made that as the world of Noah’s day was destroyed by water so the earth which is now will be consumed with fire.  In verse nine we read that God does not desire the death of the wicked but as Noah preached for over a hundred years so now also God is calling people through His Word to repent and turn to Him.

Now we turn to the man in the story.  He is now on the ark, saved from the water that is drowning every living creature on earth.  Regardless of his past he has been welcomed in.  The same is true today.  Jesus, in the parable of the wedding feast tells us that all were invited in, both good and bad.  But now that he is in the ark more is expected of him.  He begins to tell one of the old stories that he enjoyed in the past or uses some of the old words that he often said before.  Ham is standing by and explains that the story will not go over very well here.  He also must change his language and soon learns that some words he used all the time are not used here.  He must also get up early for devotions and works hard all day feeding the animals.  He has to be kind to the animals as well.  Nobody kicks the dog here or even speaks harshly to the animals.  Is this all difficult for him?  Not really.  He’s glad to be safe and just the fact of facing the crowd has done a lot to changing his character.        

              Remember, the man is in the ark of safety  and overjoyed that he has made the right choice in time.  He is now perfectly safe to the end of the flood.  We who are in Christ are in the same boat today.  (Pardon the pun).  I Peter I:5: ”Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time”

There is one more thing to point out and that is that in I Peter 3:20 we read that the man is saved by water.   When he entered the ark through the door he was saved from the water.  Once inside he was saved by the water.  Think about it.  How long could he have held out as a new believer in the old world with all his old friends?  Not very long.  The water of the flood saved him from that.  The decision to enter the door was his but from then on God took full responsibility to bring him to the journey’s end and the new world.


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October 20, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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